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Got my copy of BZRK Apocalypse today!

No spoilers but don’t read this book. (I’m not even finished it yet but don’t do it.)

Also - Poppy and I are making this a thing now so here you go!! I even added some enhancements to it (I was going to have it smoking a cigar too but the placement just never looked right so a hat is all it gets)!!

BZRK Apocalypse + Trash Bin = OTP! ♥

Got my copy of BZRK: Apocalypse today…

Since it’s not out in North America until October I had to order a copy from Amazon UK. It was supposed to come on Friday but somehow it showed up today and I was so excited!

I should have known better.

So I start reading and get to page 120 and I know something is about to happen. Then I get to page 124 and I’m fucking done.

Fuck Michael Grant.
Fuck Egmont.
Fuck everyone involved in this book.

I’m not even done but I’M DONE.

Fuck everything.

So I FINALLY got my copy of BZRK Reloaded!! That wait was brutal. Absolutely brutal.

And now I’ll talk about it!

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More BZRK fic!

And I come with another story! Finished up the Plath & Wilkes fic. I apologize in advance if it makes anyone cry! I just have this weakness for the girls and Vincent and ugh… I just really love them. All of them.

Anyway - I also wanted to link to a song that heavily influenced this story (because I like doing that). For me, it kind of sums up trying to rebuild Vincent’s mind now that he’s gone a little off the crazy end; it sums up all the time and effort I assume Plath is going to be spending inside his head, trying to fix him.
"Monument" Gus Gus (originally by Depeche Mode, but the GG cover suits this better)

When the site was found we laid the foundations down
It didn’t take long before they came back tumbling down
Don’t build at night, you need a little light
How else you gonna see what it’s gonna be like?

So we picked up our tools and we worked in the morning light
With the last stone placed wasn’t it a wonderful sight?
But it fell back down and scattered all around
Anything passes when you need glasses

My monument
it fell down

Work all of my days for this kind of praise
It fell down

Title Monument
Characters Sadie/Plath, Wilkes, Vincent
Summary Fixing Vincent has become a lesson in futility.

BZRK Fic time!

So I finally got around to working on some more BZRK fic! I just kind of had to, because I’m in serious withdrawal. I’m totally serious when I say I’m contemplating buying BZRK 2 in German and spending the next few months translating it. I can’t wait for October. I just can’t! :(

Anyway, so have a little scene with my boys! I might post another piece or two tonight (I have a sort-of-finished piece with Plath and Wilkes that I need to fix up, and I’m almost finished writing my Jin-joins-BZRK back story, and I have another story that’s now an AU that takes place after the first book about Vincent being abducted by AFGC, and I’m also working on intros for Ophelia and Wilkes, and I want to write a Wilkes/Renfield fic as well, and yeah, I just have a lot of BZRK stuff I’m writing at the moment).

So I’ll shut up and post this for now.

Title Hopeless
Characters Vincent, Nijinsky (mentions of Anya
Summary Jin wonders about his motives, while completely overlooking Vincent’s.

More of BZRK Reloaded…

So I got bored at work and decided to translate the bit with Ophelia and Caligula.

So here it is. It is really hard for me to not say anything other than “Warning this contains spoilers” because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who doesn’t read this…

But truly - warning. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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As I mentioned last night - has released the first chapter in German, and I decided to translate it. It’s not a perfect translation, as I don’t speak German. I’ve taken some (assumed) creative liberties with the translation, and have come up with what I think a proper…

I am so totally there with you holy fuck I just can’t deal with this… I mean I was totally hoping MG would write a scene exactly like this but now that I’ve read it, it’s just… Holy fuck NO!!! NONONONONONONO. Not my boys. :(

Crying over my babies…

Yeah just going to put this under a cut because it’s got spoilers even though they’re not really spoilers because we all knew this was going to happen…

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BZRK Reloaded: translation

As I mentioned last night - has released the first chapter in German, and I decided to translate it. It’s not a perfect translation, as I don’t speak German. I’ve taken some (assumed) creative liberties with the translation, and have come up with what I think a proper translation would be. There are a few sentences I’m not entirely sure of, but I feel pretty confident that the vast majority of this is correct.

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BZRK Reloaded in German…

Fuck. So we all know how BZRK 2 is being released in German months before we’re getting it in English, right? Which is total bullshit but wtfever… has the first chapter up on the website and I may or may not be currently re-typing it out in Google Translate because I’m that fucking desperate. I’ll post it when I’m done, unless someone who speaks German wants to translate it instead (but I doubt that will happen since our fandom is so ridiculously tiny…).

Needless to say I’m one page in and am already terrified..